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This is a website that Dan Howell made about himself when he was 12 years old. It includes pages such as All about me, Chat, Fun Fun Fun, and top ten reasons why I’m an emo.... and I’m gay.

Link: (Note: It will probably be out of monthly bandwidth if you try to visit it).

12 year old Dan's website (Video Description) Edit

I literally forgot this existed for at least 5 years and it is 100% legit, which in many ways makes this even more embarrassing. I was on a completely different level of being a dork.

The moral of this video is to not judge yourself because whoever you are you are cooler than me.

You can visit it here and delve deeper into my young mind at your leisure: but I wouldn't be surprised if it runs out of bandwidth, haha. It gets a lot of traffic probably. Also don't blame me if you click something in the 'scary' section or 'DO NOT CLICK'

DO NOT CLICK (Video Description) Edit

The last three words you will ever see before you die of boredom or possibly get arrested for trying to murder me.


Videos Edit

WARNING: There are some screamer games on the website and one in the video.
12 Year Old Dan's Website-2

12 Year Old Dan's Website-2

12 Year Old Dan's Website



The entire 'DO NOT CLICK' section of the website.